About Us

Peaceful “shield” – reliable protection of community members and maximum realization of the rights and freedoms of people who have suffered from military operations. One of the vectors of our work now – is humanitarian assistance to civilians in Ukraine, who suffered as a result of the brutal actions, of the occupiers of the Russian Federation.
Ukraine – is a security outpost in Europe. We must help the Ukrainians to overcome the consequences of a devastating war! Even the smallest financial help can now save someone’s life. Hunger and devastation have no place in the centre of Europe!

About us

The International Congress for the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of Citizens “Shield”, is a public organization, which operates as part of the protection of the rights and interests of the members of the association, natural and legal persons.

The main tasks of the “Shield” for today are:

• social and legal protection of members of civil society in accordance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic
• implementation of projects aimed at developing the mechanisms of the health system of the members of the organization
• humanitarian assistance, to create the most favourable conditions to improve the socioeconomic and cultural life of the members, who are part of the civil defence
• implementation of projects, as part of international cultural cooperation
• provide legal assistance to community members
• support and development of children’s and youth sports, organization of sports events for people with disabilities.

Join the group of financial assistance to the civilians of Ukraine, – now they are under fire and more than ever, I know they need your support. Every euro cent will help to overcome the consequences of a war in which innocent Ukrainians die, in the centre of Europe.